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Western Down Under Aussie Style "Barbie"

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Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey and Gretchen Brown

Dr. & Mrs. Gary and Teresa Starr


G'day! C'mon out to the Aussie Barbie at the Starr's outback property where we'll be serving prawns off the Barbie, damper and maybe a pav for dessert. Wear your best country gear and come ready for a ripper time!

Translation for all you Yanks: "Hi ! C'mon out to the Australian Barbecue at the Starr's rural property where we'll be serving barbecued shrimp, bread and maybe a pavlova (soft sweet meringue) for dessert. Wear your country clothes and come ready for a fabulous time!

Chefs: Gretchen and Jeff Brown who lived, ate, and barbecued in Australia for 12 years!!!

Hosts: Gretchen and Jeff Brown and Teresa and Gary Starr

14 Spots available

Saturday Jan 7th 7-11pm

Per Person Pricing